Balance Services

We are thrilled to announce our new services in our adjacent business, Beach Balance, our boutique wellness center.  We will be hosting LINK Medical Chiropractic and Leaf & Needle Massage Therapy, as well as expanding our nutritional coaching, life coaching, other therapeutic modalities and retail shop area.
We are passionate about aesthetics, both yours and ours, and we have sought out the best practitioners to help support us in helping all of us achieve our wellness goals.
We are proud to have over the last 10 years provided excellent fitness services to you and we want to help improve your bodies and minds further to transform your health to its fullest potential.  Please join us in visiting and supporting our newest brand expansion.


Dr. Jason Amstutz DC, RTP, DABCSP*c, CSCS is a 2006 graduate of Los Angeles Chiropractic College.  Has sought out and studied the ‘typical’ and  ‘atypical’ sports chiropractic route, via Active Release Techniques, McGill, Trigenics, Gonstead, Shirley Sauerman, to name a few. In 2011 he was introduced to the work of Dr. Guy Voyer DO and has since studied and completed both the 3 year SomaTherapy & 3 year SomaTraining Curriculum, Fascia Fellowship including, Treatment of the Pelvic, Thoracic, Cervical and Cranial Diaphragms, An Instructor for the ELDOA Method and currently completing his 5 part Pelviology Courses and the 7 part Viscerology Series in Montreal, QC. Expecting to complete his European/ Canadian Doctorate of Osteopathy in 2019.  To find out more, please see LINKMedicalCenter.com4



Dr. Kenny Dobbs graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS) in April 2014. He attended undergraduate school at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA where he was a collegiate baseball player and studied business management.   In April 2012, Dr. Dobbs took an internship at Link Medical Center under the mentorship of Dr. Jason Amstutz. Dr. Dobbs learned the necessary assessment and treatment protocols at a high biomechanical level. Today, Dr. Dobbs uses adjustive manipulation, myofascial release, and other osteopathic treatment protocols to treat the musculoskeletal dysfunctions.




Candace Lopez has practiced structural integration massage in Southern California for over ten years, working with athletes from the San Diego Chargers, World Surf League, USA Water Polo, ProTri Union, X-Games, and the AVP and US Olympic Beach Volleyball Teams.  What began as a love for sports massage has now evolved into a deep interest and understanding of long-term injury prevention, rehabilitation, and the physiology of integrative medicine. Candace uses the best of her extensive experience as a former personal trainer, semi-pro soccer player, and Army veteran to provide the best care encompassing healthy physiological function to prevent pain and increase performance. She is currently finishing a four-year medical Masters degree program in acupuncture at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, the top-ranked acupuncture school in California, and a second Masters in Anthropology at CSULB specializing in integrative medicine. In the future, Candace will offer acupuncture to Beach Fitness in late 2017, as well as beginning her doctoral studies in Chinese Medicine specializing in Pain Management.