Here at Beach Fitness, we have a variety of services we can offer to our clients. We work with both men and women ages 10 through 90+. Beach Fitness is your touchstone to not only personal training, GroupFit classes, CrossFit & nutrition; it is your health partner in achieving optimal functional wellness and performance. At Beach Fitness our minimum standard is a promise of results and personal attention.



CrossFit is a strength & conditioning program that delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. The program is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensities. Learn More


GroupFit is a great way to get fit in a community environment. Beach BootCamp, Kettlebells, Endurance, High Intensity Interval Training, Mobility & more…Whatever your goal is, we have the class for you. Learn More

Beach Bootcamp

Beach Boot Camp is a multi-faceted training program with concentrations on building muscular endurance, increasing muscular strength, improving cardiovascular endurance, functional movements, core development, decreasing body fat percentage, teamwork and fun. The outdoor environment of the beach and sand in correlation with military type exercises are designed work together to create muscle confusion and to challenge individuals at balance, coordination, posture, and flexibility.

We have year round classes at 8am every Saturday. Meet at Beach Parking lot on left (south) side of the pier.

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BeachFit Moms offers a result-driven workout concept that promotes both inner and outer strength. Real strength comes from hard work, clear intention and dedication. Our concepts consist of strength, endurance, flexibility, connectivity & nutrition and are executed with a holistic approach in mind, with complete connection between our mind, body and spirit. Our main focus is fitness, and that is why we are always staying on top of new fitness trends and incorporating them into our workouts.

We are always challenging each client and working towards her individual goals. At BeachFit Moms we are coaching and training participants in a semi-private group atmosphere. As a result, you get the special attention you need to achieve your best results. Compared to other “Mommy & Me” style classes, all our instructors are certified personal trainers, in addition, they are also certified BeachFit Moms instructors and CPR certified so you can work out in a safe and educated environment.