Group Fit Classes

At Beach Fitness, we provide quality coaching in a small group setting. Every class includes a warm up, an education component, and a workout. We love having a lot of variety and positive group energy. Workouts are structured so that every fitness level can participate together, we create a community of people supporting each other reach their potential.

We include many different fitness elements to keep our community excited about their fitness program options. We offer REP-X (Intense Interval/Circuit Training), ELDOA & Mobility, Beach Bootcamps, indoor bootcamps and more… We encourage variety in your fitness regime. We believe that there are many movements in fitness and we host classes that are FUN and get results!



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Try out a few classes to see what Beach Fitness is all about!



Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning training is more than just lifting weights. Based around numerous activities that can increase and enhance your performance, you’ll be challenged in countless ways, be that running, jumping, testing your agility, strengthening your core or improving your endurance. This will keep your body in a constant state of growth making sure you achieve your goals, be that burning calories, reducing body fat, or increasing muscle tone.


Rapid Exercise Performance  incorporates high intensity interval training in a class that focuses on aspects of fitness such as muscular strength, endurance and core reinforcement.  The class includes, but is not limited to, functional movements using body weight exercises and compound movements with light to moderate weight to improve agility, endurance, strength, and core. Coached by our highly qualified and motivated coaches in a fun community based group fitness environment.

ELDOA Fitness

FlexCore is a fusion between Core/Mobility/Stretch & Meditation using SOMA and ELDOA techniques. Allow your body to work on your overall strength and mobility, both physically & mentally, to help you perform at your best. By combining these elements you are becoming stronger, leaner and more flexible, while you improve your body awareness.

Beach Boot Camp

Beach Boot Camp is a multi-faceted training program with concentrations on building muscular endurance, increasing muscular strength, improving cardiovascular endurance, functional movements, core development, decreasing body fat percentage, teamwork and fun. The outdoor environment of the beach and sand in correlation with military type exercises are designed work together to create muscle confusion and to challenge individuals at balance, coordination, posture, and flexibility.

We have year round classes at 8am every Saturday. Meet at Beach Parking lot on left (south) side of the pier.

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BeachFit Moms

offers a result-driven workout concept that promotes both inner and outer strength. Real strength comes from hard work, clear intention and dedication. Our concepts consist of strength, endurance, flexibility, connectivity & nutrition and are executed with a holistic approach in mind, with complete connection between our mind, body and spirit. Our main focus is fitness, and that is why we are always staying on top of new fitness trends and incorporating them into our workouts.

We are always challenging each client and working towards her individual goals. At BeachFit Moms we are coaching and training participants in a semi-private group atmosphere. As a result, you get the special attention you need to achieve your best results. Compared to other “Mommy & Me” style classes, all our instructors are certified personal trainers, in addition, they are also certified BeachFit Moms instructors and CPR certified so you can work out in a safe and educated environment.



Crossfit classes are a compilation of constantly varied , functional movements performed at high intensities. We mix gymnastics (body control), weightlifting (control of external objects), and metabolic activities (endurance & strength) in as many ways as possible.  Always challenging and never boring, each workout is scaled by load and intensity but not by kind. Check out our new movement reference page.


CrossFit is an empirically driven, clinically tested and community developed strength and conditioning program. We are an assembly of dedicated trainers who want our clients to become stronger, leaner, faster, and more coordinated. We mix gymnastics (body control), weightlifting (control of external objects), and cardiovascular training (endurance & strength) in as many ways as possible.  The workouts are always challenging and never boring. Each workout is scaled by load and intensity but not by kind. All fitness levels from college athletes to grandmothers can participate in the same class.

Our affiliation with CrossFit is part of who we are. We employ the methodology and philosophy of CrossFit but we are not defined by CrossFit. Our program covers all facets of health including structured coaching, nutrition, and of course we offer the best atmosphere and community in the entire area. We are confident that your results will keep you coming back.

Starting CrossFit

Our CrossFit classes have skill level requirements to ensure quality and safety while maximizing fitness and fun. These skills can be learned by signing up for our foundations package, the Anchor On-Ramp Program. This program is designed to get you up to speed as quickly and safely as possible. The Anchor Program introduces new participants to the foundational movements and start to develop your skills in our basic movements and Olympic lifts. We place a huge emphasis on technique and dynamic range of motion to help keep you safe and to prepare you for the intensity of the group classes.

The Anchor Program consists of 3 hours of personal training with a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer in order to make your entrance to regular CrossFit classes as efficient as possible. After your 3 hour sessions, you can try out all of our classes for two weeks for FREE!

Our CrossFit Class

After accomplishing the Anchor Program or by approval by our coaches, you are ready to attend your first CrossFit class. Our All-Levels classes utilize the methodology of CrossFit. We run, jump, lift, pull, push and squat. The workouts are constantly varied each day. The classes are high energy, positive and motivating. The average class size is around 8-10 athletes and we have a mix of beginner, intermediate and elite athletes. The coaches assist with form, technique and scaling to ensure each athlete maximizes the class. We scale load and intensity based on the individual.

The general structure of the class is as follows:

  1. Warm-Up /Instruction
  2. Strength/Skill Work
  3. MetCon (metabolic conditioning)
  4. Cool-down

Rates & Packages for CrossFit & Group Fitness

Anchor Program


  • $400 Value
  • 2/60min Private Anchor Sessions
  • 2 Wk Unlimited Classes



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  • Pay As You Go
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  • All Group Fitness Classes
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