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What is ELDOA?

ELDOAs are postural exercises that were designed to increase space within the spine. These exercises will improve posture, decompress the back and reduce pain.
ELDOA is a French acronym that when translated to English means: Longitudinal Osteo Articular Decoaptation Stretches. These techniques were developed by world renown French osteopath, Guy Voyer, DO.

ELDOA is a highly effective treatment for general back pain, arthritis, intervertebral disc compression, scoliosis, proprioceptive difficulties and pathology, articular lesions, and a very large influence on the postural system.

The ELDOA courses have been providing practitioners the knowledge to complete essential ELDOA techniques which have brought relief to thousands worldwide who suffer from spinal pain.

Course Outline

The new ELDOA 1 course in the reformatted 6-level ELDOA program is designed for the student-practitioner with minimal or NO formal training in classic spine biomechanics or descriptive anatomy. Lecture topics include:

  • The History of the ELDOA, Guy VOYER, DO & His Educational Paradigm-“Learn by Doing”,
  • The Spine: A Complex Multi-purposeful Structure – Mobility vs. Stability
  • Introduction to Kinesiology and General Anatomy
  • Functional Spine Unit of Jungians
  • The Role of the Intervertebral Disc
  • The Medical Approach to Back Pain vs. the ELDOA
  • The Philosophy of the ELDOA, “You Are Your Own Best Therapist.”

Who Should Attend?

All athletes, strength coaches, team therapists and coaches, golf instructors, personal trainers, pilates and yoga instructors, healthcare practitioners: physical therapists, chiropractors, rehabilitation professionals and medical doctors.

ELDOA Education courses taught by Bryce Turner have been approved for NSCA CEUs

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