The Proof


“I lost over 20lbs in two months…”

“Fitness had always been a big part of my life but after suffering through a pretty traumatic miscarriage I fell into a depression gaining more weight than I was comfortable wearing. Soon after I got pregnant again with Olive and the weight continued to add on. Nine months later I found myself ecstatic with a new baby but barely recognized my postpartum body. Desperate to feel myself again I contacted Annika about joining BeachFit Moms. I did BeachFit moms for one month but knew I wanted to kick up the intensity by starting personal training. Annika’s energy was so addicting and I knew she had to be my trainer! Personal training is unlike any workout I have ever done. There is no hiding in the back of the class, and no skipping reps. You leave yourself completely vulnerable to this complete stranger. Luckily, Annika becomes not just a trainer, but a friend, a cheerleader, a motivator, and someone that you can count on at any time that is completely invested in your success. I lost over 20lbs in two months and if I could do it all over I wouldn’t change a thing! ” – Kristen Devine, Mother of 2, Lakewood 

“My best performance yet…”

 I wish to tell you the stretching class is adding great value to my weekly routine. This morning on the water was possibly the best performances on 3 minute pieces that I’ve yet to experience.

Thanks for understanding that I am tightly wound together, the new stretching hurts like nothing else but it pays off big time.  

It’s working, what you did has allowed me to give up the toxic medicine today that masks over nerve pain. No more sharp muscle pains. Tomorrow, I plan to paddle alone at warm up EZ pace to feel my way back. I’ll keep you posted and thanks a million for your prompt scheduling and very physical approach to therapy. Bill Jewel

“I shed 30lbs and feel amazing”

I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror. I was 40 years old and had just hit 200lbs for the first time in my life. I decided in that moment a change was needed. I had passed by Beach Fitness many times and decided to stop in. I told Bryce I wanted to make a change. We discussed my diet and started on a 30 day program of eliminating dairy, gluten and various other items from my diet. A huge fan of pasta, breads and all things Italian I was nervous that I would not have the will power to stick with it. After one week I lost 10lbs, my allergies were gone and I was seeing results. I supplemented the diet change with exercise with a personal trainer at Beach Fitness M-W-F for only 30min at a time. When I got back on the scale four weeks later I had shed 30lbs and felt amazing. What I had originally thought to be an  insurmountable task of giving up the foods I previously loved proved to be easy and I decided to make it a permanent lifestyle change. I started off with a goal and knew I had to create a schedule and plan that I could turn into a way of life not just a 3 month blitz.  One year later I am still going to the gym for 30 minutes in the morning before work 4-5 times a week. Having a trainer proved to be fantastic because not only was I accountable to myself but the days I didn’t feel like getting out of bed I knew someone was already there waiting on me. I think this was the single most important part of turning weight training and being healthy into a lifestyle. I now have to be told to take days off to recover and the morning I don’t go in I feel like I am missing something. Well a little over a year later and I am in the best shape of my life (so far), I have a great extended family in the team at Beach Fitness and when I look in the mirror I truly like what I see. Thank you all. – Robert W

“…Inspiring, motivating, challenging and pushes me to be my best”

“Personal Training at Beach Fitness continues to be an amazing experience. As a Mother of two, I found myself making excuses not to make my own fitness a priority. Personal Training with Annika has changed that for me. As a Mother of two herself, Annika understands the demands of being a Mom, but also ensures that you make your own fitness and nutrition a priority. She is inspiring, motivating, challenging and pushes me to be my best… every workout, every time. Working out with the Beach Fitness trainers has been one of the best gifts that I have ever given myself.”   Jennifer Knapp